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Sit Still

Do you ever get the feeling that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be? I was lucky enough to experience that twice this past week. The first time was when we got our new cat. The second time was when I walked into the Shambhala Center on Wednesday night.

They have open meditation from [...]

Looking for a Long-Term Relationship

I spent this weekend at the Writers’ League of Texas Agents & Editors Conference. You know the best part about it? I wasn’t pitching a book. I wasn’t walking around feeling nervous, practicing my one-line description in which I give the genre, title, and a catchy synopsis, or my 30 second pitch in case the [...]

No Combat Zone

Yesterday I received a long attacking comment, the equivalent of a mail bomb really, from my ex-husband’s girlfriend on the post What I’m Not Missing. Of course she has opinions about this post. I don’t begrudge her those opinions. But I won’t air them here. This blog isn’t for her or about her–or my ex-husband. [...]

Writers, Join Me

In my pre-parenting life, the first word I used to describe myself was writer. Though mama has moved to the top of the list, writing (this blog and more) is still one of my biggest loves and at the core of my identity.

I’ve been working on a new website that combines mamaTRUE with what [...]

Emailing with Anne Rice

My friend Jennifer has been emailing with Anne Rice all night! How does that even happen?

She follows Anne on Facebook and Anne’s recent announcement that she was leaving the Catholic church prompted Jennifer to put her relationship with the church into words. Jennifer posted her letter “Dear Anne Rice” on her blog and then [...]

Love Me While I'm Gone

Last night, I stayed out later than I have since sometime in early 2006. Considering I’m staying at my mom’s house and anticipated questions like, “What time did you get home?” and “What were you out doing so late?” I felt like a teenager as I drove home around 2 a.m.

Throughout the night, I [...]


What would you pay to go back to high school, just for a night? Last night it cost me a $10 cover charge to see a band that my friends and I used to dance to in junior high and high school. But I saw so much more than a band.

I hung out with [...]

Getting Ready for National Poetry Month

Lately, I haven’t been much living in the land of poetry. I met my sometime-to-be ex-husband at a poetry open mic. I earned a Master’s in Fine Arts Degree in poetry, performed and competed in poetry slams for years, have more friends that are poets than maybe anything else.

But when I got pregnant, poetry [...]

5 Strategies to Take Your Writing from Draft to Poem

My favorite definition of “revision” is “to see again.” You are likely to envision the poem, over and over again, maybe with broad changes or simple tweaks, in the process of turning a freewrite or draft into a crafted work. Once you’ve used 10 Easy Tips to Revise Your Poems to make a first pass [...]

10 Easy Tips to Revise Your Poems

So you’ve got a lot of poems to edit and you don’t even know where to begin? I can help. Whether you’ve composed many poems in a short period or you’ve got a stack of poems that you’ve been writing for years but never get around to revising, you can edit your poems using these [...]