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Guest in Your Own Home

Being a guest in other people’s houses can be awkward. You need stuff. You’re in their space. Figuring out how to live, however temporarily, with someone else can be made easier by hosts and guests. As a guest, you can pack the stuff that will help make your trip happier. As a host, you can [...]

What’s Your Superpower?

I used to make milk. My son sometimes wishes I still had that superpower, but since he weaned himself at 3 and he’s now 4 1/2, I think that ship has sailed.

My current superpower is that I can open any book to where I was just reading. No props like bookmarks, no need to [...]

Filling in the Blanks

How do you get your kid to clean up his room? I’ve had conversations with a few friends recently because our kids are hitting an age where they can sing, “Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere. Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share.” That doesn’t actually mean they’re doing their share. Why not?

At [...]

I'm Emotional

Today, I lay on my yoga mat crying, quietly, with my arms over my face, for just about the entire ten minute relaxation period at the end of my class at the gym. I managed to dry my face before everyone sat up. Maybe my red nose and eyes looked like I have bad allergies. [...]

Boats, Baths, and Bug Cars

One of the most unlikely adventures Cavanaugh and I have had since coming to Taos is #81 on the list of 101 Places You Gotta See Before You’re 12!: “A Place Where They Make Cool Stuff.”

We went to North Star Toys, which is our friend Tim and Connie Long’s toy workshop. It’s not a [...]

Change All of Our Pants

Lesson for the day: when your newly toilet-using toddler says he needs to pee, do NOT continue to floss his teeth and ask him to wait a minute.


Three Fast and Fun Housepainting Tips

So the realtor’s sign is up in the front yard and we need to paint five more rooms before Cavanaugh and I leave town 11 days from now. I probably don’t have to tell you how grateful I am for three new ways of dealing with paint. Though I wish I’d known them when we [...]

The Bath Battle

How often does your child take a bath? Mine takes one about every two – three weeks. No, I did not mistype “weeks” for “days”. I mean it. He goes a loooong time without a bath. I wipe his bottom thoroughly many times a day. If he’s got sticky stuff on his face, dirt on [...]

I Miss My Husband

So I was reading this issue’s poll in Brain,Child and they ask parents what they miss most about their pre-mama/papa life. Though I could write a list, the very top thing on it is that I miss my husband.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re together and he’s a very present father. It’s just that I’m [...]

How was ACL?

Last Friday, we finally braved taking our son to ACL (for you non-Austinites, that’s the Austin City Limits music festival, which boasts about 70,000 concert-goers a day).I hadn’t been since 2005, the year before Cavanaugh was born.

Throughout my pregnancy, my husband reminded me periodically that we weren’t going to go. ACL was in mid-September [...]