Avoiding Cupid

There’s been a lot of talk around here lately about how to avoid Cupid’s arrows, or avoid falling in love should one be hit by an arrow. Cavanaugh’s kindergarten teacher taught him how to do this. Apparently you’re supposed to look at your arm. Why? As she tells it, if a boy looks at a girl (or a girl looks at a boy) after being hit by an arrow, they’ll fall in love, s0… look at your arm.

I said, “But boys can fall in love with boys and girls can fall in love with girls.”

Cavanaugh said, “I don’t think my teacher knows that.”

I told Cavanaugh I wasn’t particularly worried about getting hit by Cupid’s arrow. He wasn’t worried about me getting hit either because I was already in love.

“You can fall in love more than once,” I offered.

“Right. You were in love with Daddy. Now you’re in love with me.”

Ah. Got it.

So we made our own bow and arrow for Cupid. And then we made a set for ninjas. I’m getting quite a Valentine’s education this year.



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  • Gray

    Thanks for sharing this cuteness! Oh, the things kids learn and how they internalize that stuff and then re-externalize it. Very interesting and so wonderful!

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