7 Social Self Care Tips

One of the keys to self-care is balance. Balancing self-care between physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and relational/social helps to ensure that our efforts to take care of ourselves don’t turn into escapism or overindulgence.

That being said, I totally over-indulged in social/relational self-care the last week or so. I was having a hard time and didn’t want to be alone with my feelings.

Sometimes I go the other way and isolate. Not interacting with people just feels easier. A common reaction to divorce or other crises is being ultrasocial or retreating.

So, my primary suggestion for social/relational self-care is to keep it in balance. Make sure you’ve got time to yourself and time with others. This time can take many forms. 

  1. Talk to a friend or loved one long distance. Not living in the same place doesn’t mean you can’t share each others’ lives. Catch up on the big stuff and the mundane details.
  2. Meet a friend for a walk, hike, or other physical activity. You can take care of yourself physically and socially at the same time.
  3. Join or create a group of people with similar interests or issues and go to a group meeting.
  4. Host or go to a potluck/party so you can see a whole bunch of friends at once.
  5. Go see a movie, play, or poetry reading with a friend. Then make time to hang out afterward so you can share what you just experienced.
  6. Have a friend over or go to her/his house. You can chat, catch up, and offer each other support without spending any money.
  7. It may not be exactly social, whether it’s called social media or not, but catching up with a friend via FB, Twitter, or email still can be relationship-building or sustaining.

* Bonus tip: Reunions are great for social self-care. At least the right kind of reunion is. This summer, a bunch of childhood friends and I scheduled our trips to our home town so they would coincide. Those weeks together, with our kids playing together, was some of the best social/relational care of my lifetime.

It might not quite seem like self-care if it’s with others, but making the time to connect with people you love is a great way to take care of yourself.

What are some of your favorite ways to connect with others and meet your needs for social/relational self-care?

5 comments to 7 Social Self Care Tips

  • great post. Put it in Sunday Surf. I love your numbered posts a lot

  • Kim P

    One of the best ways I find to self-care socially is to get together with other moms. Now that I have a child it’s so easy for me to just hang around the house and really get into a rut. Having scheduled get-togethers with other mamas forces me to get dressed, pack the diaper bag and get the heck outta the house! I always have a great time and feel so renewed and refreshed, even -or especially- when all we do is sit in the living room and chat while our babies play 🙂 Thank you for the great posts and reminders of self-care. I’m happy you were able to reconnect with so many friends who knew you way back when, how fun!

    • The playdates with other moms have definitely kept me sane too. Getting together with other people in the same stage of life and dealing with the same issues is a big deal. With small children (and maybe big ones too, I’m just not there yet), getting out of the house is a pretty big deal too. I’m glad you have such a great support system.

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