Zipline Through Cypress

Last night, as Cavanaugh snuffled and sneezed, complained his nose hurt, and refused saline solution, he also insisted, “I’m not sick. Sneezing is part of regular life.”

I’d been doing the same thing with my kidney infection, thinking that needing to pee every time I got into or out of the car, every fifteen minutes, or waking up many times in the night to go to the bathroom was just “regular life.”

Thankfully, we are both wrong and our bodies will not continue to be pestered by these ailments forever. However, this weekend, I felt a little worn down.

Yesterday, I had triple-booked myself. I had my personal renewal group in the morning. Then, I was scheduled to on a zipline tour through cypress trees. After that, Cavanaugh I were going to a birthday party.

A few mamas had conflicts, so we rescheduled the PRG for next weekend.That was especially lucky because Cavanaugh was up till 10 on Friday night, snuffling, rolling around, feverish, and generally unable to fall asleep. My great good fortune was that he snored himself through the night and slept in late–till 9 a.m. I may not have mentioned this ever, but I am so looking forward to the teenage years when he wants to sleep in till noon as I will be happily snoozing myself.

Seeing as he’s three and sleeping in late only lasts until 9 a.m. on the best of days, we spent all morning lying on the couch watching ToddWorld videos and feeling yucky (and cozy).

Then it was time to go. It was my friend Nad’a’s birthday, so she, her husband Randall, and I were headed for adventure. When we booked said adventure, however, I did not have a kidney infection. At least I didn’t know I did. I thought it was just regular life.

Somehow getting the diagnosis from the doctor and starting antibiotics made me feel worse. Maybe it was all the dying bacteria. Perhaps needless to say, I was a little dizzy up on the platforms 45 feet above ground in 90+ degree dappled sunlight. I left the Medical Conditions line on the liability waver blank though because I didn’t want them to tell me I couldn’t go. Forgiveness or permission? Preferably neither, thank you very much. I’d just like to do what I want to do.

My ex and I had talked about going on this zipline tour for at least a year. But we never lined up a babysitter or figured out a good time to go. We didn’t make the space for the kind of adventures we used to have. We’ve actually talked about going ziplining since I first did it 13 years ago, but we thought we had a lifetime. Now that our marriage is over, I’m not putting off all those things I want to do. I’m absolutely sure I don’t have all the time in the world.

So, when Nad’a said last weekend that she and Randall were going on a zipline for her birthday and asked me to come, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. I forgot I had other things scheduled for the day.

Even with a kidney infection, I didn’t want to miss going. I took my vitamins, carried two bottles of water, had my morning dose of Macrobid and headed to meet my friends.

We had a great time. The tour consisted of six ziplines separated by sky bridges. We zipped through cypress trees, over a creek surrounded by maidenhair ferns. Butterflies and dragonflies circled beneath us. So, I was hot, and a little spacy, and kind of dizzy. But so were my friends. We were all ready to lie down on one of the platforms and take a little afternoon nap.

Though I felt a few pangs wishing that Mike and I had actually been able to do this together, I also felt grateful to have friends who do have the time, energy, and desire to do these things–with me. As I stepped off the first platform, I felt butterflies circling in my stomach. And then I looked around at the rich green leaves, brought myself into my body, and felt it whoosh towards a platform, our guide Cedric, his hand signaling for me to brake as I eased in for landing.

It took until the fourth line for me to remember to breathe, that deep inhalation, that cleansing out breath and smile. Still, I’ll save the challenge tour for when I’m feeling better.

What are some of your favorite adventure activities? Which ones have you done and which ones are still on your to do list? How did you like them?

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