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50 Fun Things

What’s fun for you? Since every day of this year I’m posting about at least one thing I did to take care of myself, I’m already noticing that throughout each day I’m thinking about self care. Have I done something to make sure I’m okay mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually? Some days I have so many possibilities I’m not sure what to post about. Others, it’s more of a struggle.

I started reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin this week. I figured it would have some helpful ideas about self care.┬á Today, I was reading the May chapter: “Be Serious About Play.” In order to figure out how or what to play, Gretchen decided she needed to determine what was fun for her. I thought it sounded like a great idea and, as I read the chapter, I kept thinking of things that are fun for me.

So here’s my list of 50 fun things, in no particular order. Maybe some of them are fun for you too. Or maybe my list will help you think of other things that are fun for you.

  1. Riding ziplines
  2. Driving fast: in cars, jet skis, ATVs, mopeds
  3. Taking a bubble bath while reading
  4. Playing games: cards (especially whist), taboo, scattergories, backgammon, dominoes
  5. Doing jigsaw puzzles of beautiful photographs
  6. Crocheting
  7. Making jewelry
  8. Making a collage
  9. Picking out or making presents
  10. Making someone else feel special, seen, loved
  11. Watching movies
  12. Watching television without commercials (yea Netflix and hulu)
  13. Going on walks in nature
  14. Listening to music
  15. Gardening
  16. Talking on the phone to a good friend who is far away (if they’re in town, I’d much rather talk in person)
  17. Going out with one friend to lunch, on a walk, or wherever we can have real and deep talk about how we are, what’s happening in our lives
  18. Meeting with groups to help each other focus (writing group, mastermind group, personal renewal group)
  19. Book groups
  20. Getting together with a group of friends (mama happy hours, knitting nest happy hours)
  21. Reading books
  22. Learning
  23. Reading magazines: gardening, parenting, gossip
  24. Debating ideas
  25. Going to see music I love
  26. Going to the theater
  27. Going to dance performances
  28. Going to galleries and museums
  29. Scrapbooking
  30. Writing
  31. Lying in my hammock
  32. Math
  33. Eating
  34. Cuddling
  35. Holding hands
  36. Sleeping late
  37. Drinking coffee outside
  38. Traveling
  39. Collecting quotes
  40. Hanging out with my nephews
  41. Shopping
  42. Creating beauty (whether decorating, gardening, making)
  43. Setting up altars
  44. Ice skating
  45. Drinking a couple of frozen margaritas with good Mexican food
  46. Exercise (if I could just remember that when I’m not exercising)
  47. Looking out the window (at a rain or snowstorm, from a train, into our yard)
  48. Making playlists of music
  49. Teaching/Sharing knowledge
  50. Exploring (new places, stores, ideas)

It felt great to realize that I find so many things fun and that I engage in many of the items on this list on a pretty regular basis. One of my favorite things was recognizing that so much of what is fun for me could be done with other people: my son, my nephews, and other friends.

Okay, now it’s time for your list. I’d love to read what is fun for you. Do you do them often?

Photo by GRoz

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