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Read This: To Full Term

A Mother's Triumph Over Miscarriage To Full Term: A Mother’s Triumph Over Miscarriage by Darci Klein

Wow, do I wish I’d had this book after my first miscarriage. I kept wondering what tests the doctors could be giving but weren’t offering. How could it be possible that they had no idea and no means to check? After giving birth to her first daughter at 28 weeks, two miscarriages, and the death of her twins born at 20 weeks, Klein refuses to go through one more pregnancy hearing the great big medical I don’t know.

In To Full Term, Klein combines diary entries of her fifth pregnancy with her research about miscarriage, late term losses, and what tests and treatment women have the right to ask for. Besides being a compelling read, had I read the “‘What Every Woman Should Know” section at the back of the book, I might have avoided a second miscarriage, or at the very least had some answers after the fact rather than the doctor’s consolation that I’d had very bad luck to have two losses in a row. This book might have allowed me to feel more power during the pregnancy that produced my son or precluded therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder throughout that pregnancy. Having some answers might have left room for joy instead of fear. I am so grateful Klein did the research and wrote it in the form of a memoir so that those of us who wouldn’t read scientific studies have access to this information.

A word of warning though: this book is anxiety inducing. If you’ve had a miscarriage, it’s likely to be a really emotional read for you. I felt so stressed out while reading To Full Term, the only time I could cry was when she got good news. Then it was catharsis from all of the tension in between. I definitely couldn’t have read it while I was pregnant. All of that said, I recommend this book both as a way for women to process their own losses and to advocate for their reproductive health.

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